A vehicle for a Christian community

BC Christian News Cover

It was just over 28 years ago, in October 1982, that the first issue of what is now BC Christian News was distributed to 300 Vancouver and Fraser Valley churches.Some 5,000 copies of that first little black-and-white tabloid were printed. It was the beginning of an ambitious endeavour: to use a … [Read more...]

The love of God

The Love of God

The love of God is the most wonderful, awesome, heart-warming, life-enriching truth that can ever engage human minds. Let us think it through from first principles, according to the teaching of the Bible.What is love? Essentially, it is action – not words, not feelings (though both may enter … [Read more...]

Final thoughts on BC Christian News

Selection of BC Christian News Covers

BC Christian News has been a unique gift to the province of B.C. in many ways. The paper has been instrumental in connecting the wide body of Christ, in its rich diversity of activity and opinion. No other media has come close to such an accomplishment.Tom Cooper President of City in … [Read more...]

The Light: a new Christian voice for B.C.

"As a new Christian, I prayed that God would lead me to the work He wanted me to do," Steve Almond says. That belief led him to Christian Info Society (CIS) and BC Christian News (BCCN) in 1991.That same sense of God's direction has led him to launch a new Christian periodical for British … [Read more...]

Teaching Christians to defend the faith

A historic event is coming to the Lower Mainland. Apologetics.com and Ethos, a young adult ministry, are collaborating with ministries, universities, seminaries and churches to present "Believers Thinking, Thinkers Believing," the first Apologetics Canada Conference. Coquitlam Alliance Church will … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Chocolates

February 14 is well established as a day for people to express their affection for one another. Though Valentine's Day is primarily seen as a time for expressing love between lovers and spouses, gestures of fondness are also given to teachers, parents and friends.This year, over a billion cards … [Read more...]

Finding your Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be exasperating for those who have not yet found their Valentine. Young adults are often haunted by questions such as: Will I find someone for me? What if I lose out on all the good ones? What if I marry the wrong one? What type of person am I looking for? Relationships can bring … [Read more...]

How can we tell if a Christian school has been successful?

The Cross at Sunset

What makes a Christian education successful? I have been principal of a Christian school for the past 15 years, and I have faced this critical and challenging question many times over the years.Far too often I see parents put intensive pressure on their children to achieve academically, … [Read more...]

Don’t be a hooded horse

A hooded horse

Back in the hazy days that I loosely refer to as high school, I distinctly remember a situation that went a long way toward changing the way that I thought about myself and the people around me.I was in the midst of grade 13 (the last year of high school in Ontario then), a wonderful time of … [Read more...]

Local church has thriving ministry in Cuba Local church has thriving ministry in Cuba Local church has thriving ministry in Cuba Local church has thriving ministry in Cuba

Streets of Cuba

A local church has been conducting a unique ministry for several years. Headed by bishop Charles Dorrington, the Reformed Episcopal Church in Saanichton is affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA); it is part of the Diocese of Western Canada, Alaska and Cuba.The latter country … [Read more...]


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