The Light: a new Christian voice for B.C.

“As a new Christian, I prayed that God would lead me to the work He wanted me to do,” Steve Almond says. That belief led him to Christian Info Society (CIS) and BC Christian News (BCCN) in 1991.

That same sense of God’s direction has led him to launch a new Christian periodical for British Columbia in 2011.

The Light Magazine will produce its first issue in March, one month after the publication of the last issue of BC Christian News.

Almond started with CIS by selling ads for Christian Info News/BC Christian News; he eventually wound up serving as publisher/general manager. He left CIS in 2005 to go into Christian book publishing, as an account manager for David C. Cook.

Early last year, Almond says he felt God was calling him back into periodical publishing. Through a series of what he calls “Godly coincidences and circumstances,” he felt led to start a “Christian lifestyle magazine.”

This magazine was originally intended to complement, not compete with, BC Christian News. While BCCN has mainly focused on news and events, the new magazine would focus on personal life issues, local and global community needs and Christian faith.

Things took an unexpected turn in the fall of 2010. After the resignation of CIS president Flyn Ritchie, the CIS board asked Almond to come back as general manager and give leadership to CIS, with a mandate to redesign BC Christian News. He began this work December 1.

However, after further wrestling with the issues, in mid December the Board of CIS decided to close BCCN down.

When this happened, Almond returned to his plan of developing a Christian lifestyle magazine. However, now that BCCN was no longer operating, Almond concluded that he should fill the gap — and expanded the mandate of the new periodical so that it would also include a focus on news and events.

Several members of the current BC Christian News staff have already agreed to join the team of the new publication.

Like BC Christian News, The Light Magazine will be distributed free of charge in churches and community locations in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. There is also a possibility of later expansion into the BC interior. The paper distribution will be supplemented with a website.

The purpose of the new magazine, according to a news release, is to “inspire and encourage individuals and families with stories related to everyday life, family, Christian faith and community.”

The paper will cover a range of issues, including “marriage, relationships, parenting, divorce and remarriage, blended families, health, stress, finances, being single, as well as dealing with mid-life and seniors issues, adapting to changing media and culture — and much, much more.”

In addition, The Light Magazine will feature stories, testimonies and profiles of ordinary Christian individuals, as well as believers who have a more public profile. There will be features on local and global community concerns; and stories of individuals, churches and Christian ministries that are impacting these communities, suggesting ways that readers can be involved.

There will also be news stories, event listings and reviews of current Christian book, music and movie releases. Each month, a supplement will highlight a unique aspect of community life.

Almond is encouraging individuals and groups to contact him with inspirational stories, ideas for lifestyle features, information about upcoming events and advertising copy for businesses, ministries and events.

For more information: or 778.893.8417