B.C. ministry sparks U.S. revival
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FRESH FIRE, based in Abbotsford, is at the centre of a phenomenon  popularly known as an ‘outpouring.’

According to several accounts, revival has broken out in the city of Lakeland, Florida.

A May 22 Charisma Magazine online report stated: “After 50 consecutive days of revival meetings, what is known as the Lakeland Outpouring shows no signs of slowing. It has already outgrown three venues.”

Charisma went on to say the excitement began when “a 32 year old Canadian evangelist named Todd Bentley visited Ignited Church on April 2 – and the next day encountered in his hotel room what he said was an angel.”

Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire, told Charisma: “The last 50 days have been like heaven on earth. I have never been so hungry for God       . . . I have never been in such intense glory, nor witnessed so many miracles and healings in America.”

Charisma founder Steve Strang responded with a lengthy editorial, stating: “In my 32 years of covering the charismatic movement, I’ve never seen any ‘revival meeting’ get so much attention so fast. Everyone, it seems, is talking about it. A long line of respected leaders have attended the meetings to see it for themselves. Most have come away saying it’s a genuine move of God.

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“After only 50 days, someone said the revival is still a ‘baby.’ So it’s not fair to pass judgment yet. That is for God to do.”

In the May 9 entry of his weblog, Bentley wrote:

“The glory of the Lord has been steadily increasing, as we all come together with one voice in unison – declaring our desperation for his presence. Even though I have said it many times, I can still truly say that the Lord’s presence has been overwhelming – as we cry out in extended times of worship before the throne of our King.

“It has been very difficult to get off the floor during these times of worship, and the miracles are outstanding. In just five days, we heard testimonies from more than 32 individuals that got out of wheelchairs! Tumors and deaf ears are healed nightly. Sometimes there are hundreds in line to give their testimony.

“The crowds continue to grow as guests come from all over the world. We expect 20,000 people to attend the meetings this weekend alone. God continues to pour out his glory in an awesome way.”

Bentley said he has put his plans for evangelizing other locations on hold.

Contact: freshfire.ca

– David F. Dawes

June 2008