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Still no peace for Anglicans
Job MarketJob Market
Church reaching Japanese students
Still no peace for Anglicans
THE SUCCESS of churches and faith-based organizations in providing disaster relief and fighting world poverty is one of “the greatest overlooked stories of our time,” said veteran CBC television journalist Brian Stewart.
'New generation' prays for PM
WHEN some students made a commitment to pray last year, they had no idea it would lead them to the Prime Minister's office.
Evangelicals ponder the morality of warfare
IT'S A STARK reminder of the complexities war.
A posting on the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada's website describes the inner turmoil a Christian soldier feels after taking a life in armed combat for the first time.
Divine appointment on the Sea of Galilee
BCCN publisher Flyn Ritchie visited Israel in early June. During a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee, he encountered Tom and Ronit Bender.
Hope for India's Dalit children
Sherry Bailey, Surrey-based director of Dalit Freedom Network Canada, was recently in India. Following is her account of the highlights.
Cross country for Christ
"PICK UP your cross," said Jesus. And ordained pastor Bob Maryniuk has taken those words to heart.
Creation: a tale of two museums
A WEEK after the $27 million Creation Museum opened in Kentucky amid great celebration, a far more modest Canadian equivalent opened in Alberta.
Faith-based school funds an election issue
THE Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario announced June 8 thaat, if it wins the October 10 provincial election, it will offer full funding to 'faith-based' elementary and secondary schools.
Menno/Iranian dialogue assailed
AN ACADEMIC conference expected to attract only a small group of scholars unexpectedly aroused considerable controversy.
Fired minister wins at tribunal
THE P.E.I. Human Rights Commission awarded a fired Presbyterian Church minister $600,000 May 31, ruling she was fired due to gender discrimination.
Dissident Catholics ordain women
Marie Bouclin of Sudbury became the second Canadian female to be ordained a priest by the Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP) movement, in a Toronto ceremony held May 27.
The 'hate speech' dilemma
THE BIBLE can present Christians with serious theological, relational and legal conundrums when considering the issue of 'hate' and 'love' (used 128 times and 697 times respectively, in the New International Version).
B.C. appoints Bountiful prosecutor
A SPECIAL prosecutor was appointed last month to determine whether criminal charges should be laid against leaders of the polygamist community in Bountiful.
Green energy at All Saints
ALL SAINTS Anglican Church in Mission has become the first church in Canada to install photovoltaic panels.
The Church in Chilliwack
THE GROWING city of Chilliwack, 20 minutes east of Abbotsford, has a unique rural charm, set as it is in the fertile land of the Fraser Valley.
How a 'typical Christian' finally discovered God's love
I SUPPOSE you could call me the 'typical Christian' born to a Christian family.
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