Return Ministries promotes spiritual support for Israel
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By Lloyd Mackey  

BY THE TIME this appears in print or online, at least a few hundred Okanagan Christians will have experienced the latest Revelation Mystery Theatre presentation staged by Return Ministries (RM).  

The events, which follow up earlier presentations in communities from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm, are in the interests of encouraging Christians to support the return of North American Jewish people to the land of Israel.  

In June, the Okanagan events focused on the Feast of Pentecost.    

Dean Bye, director of Return Ministries, says he has been most encouraged by the strength of support in the Okanagan, for what the group is doing.  

Bye maintains that “we are focused on helping people to understand Israel from a biblical standpoint. We encourage a return to Hebraic roots and a reading of the Bible with more of an understanding of the restoration and return.”  

He adds that RM’s helping to return Jewish people to Israel is “all in preparation for the return of Lord Jesus – who will return to Jerusalem.”  

The ways in which RM operates involve both the arranging of work and study tours to Israel for Christian young people, and theatre/drama events in various parts of Canada, to build interest.  

Bye affirms that RM takes the traditional Christian Zionist approach to the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land, and the building of the nation of Israel (which has been celebrating its 60th anniversary this year).  

He cautions, however, that their approach is based on a biblical understanding of the issue, rather than taking a political slant.  

Noting the Israel/Palestinian divide and the long-standing suffering which comes out of it, Bye says RM stands by what he maintains to be a biblical view: that Israel will ultimately possess the land.  

Being faithful to a biblical vision, he suggests, means spiritual support to Israel in its struggles can be validated.  

At the time of the interview, Bye was putting the finishing touches on the July Okanagan presentations, which were intended to dramatize the ‘Revelation of the Bride.’

The means to get the point across, he says, was to bring an actual couple who had recently been married in Israel, as part of the theatre entourage.  

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Revelation Mystery Theatre’s objectives, as outlined on the RM website, are as follows:

“Through interactive theatre, that includes food, song and dance, and great creativity, guests would receive an impartation of revelation of what God is doing in Israel now.

“Non-Jews would be challenged to be active in returning to the Jewish roots of their faith; [they] would find God’s call and purpose in returning the Jewish people to Israel and to God’s heart, in preparation for the return of Messiah to Jerusalem.

“The eyes of non–Jews would be opened to know the One New Man (Ephesians 2:15,16).  Guests would give prayerful consideration to standing with and supporting the holy work of Return Ministries.”

These support–building processes augment study and work tours to Israel. One tour, each October, helps build awareness for the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.  

Bye says RM’s emphasis provides him opportunities to bring an educational component into a university context.

One such presentation, recently given at McGill University in Montreal, was attended by some Palestinian students.  

There had been predictions of possible protest from the students, but this did not occur – because, Bye suggests, “we were not talking about borders of 1967 or 1948, but sticking more to what the Bible promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  

Bye says the interest in what RM is doing cuts across Christian denominational lines, and includes Catholics as well as a variety of Protestants.  

“No doubt, the larger interest comes from those with an evangelical Christian background, notwithstanding,” he points out.  


August 2008