November 2009
Anti-trafficking battle heats up
Lungu went from gangster to preacher
Missing: one generation
Social entrepreneurs: doing well, doing good
Living in China has been an eye opener
Jordan’s government encourages interfaith cooperation
Film students learn life skills
Stryper still throwing Bibles after all these years
Plass and Soderholm offer Story & Song for World Vision
In your community
More Than Gold
More than Gold
O Come Emmanuel
Seeking a shiny Star in Christ’s home town
Advent ushers in the Firstborn’s kingdom
’Tis the season for . . .
Grinches can’t squelch Santa Bob’s festive Heart
Season’s readings: awe, freedom & bears
Regional Round ups
Mainland round-up
Okanagan round-up
God’s light came to Iraq hidden in a shoebox
Countering the persecution of spiritual communities
God speaks to us through people in many surprising ways
The local church and the process of selling sacred spaces
Readers' Forum
Arts & Entertainment
Film Fest offerings coming back to a theatre near you
An insider’s view of the Fab Four
Nockels offers great originals
Island Insight
Anglicans must ‘change or die’
Right to Life leader Green dethroned
Bells ring for new church home
How to handle rebellion in religion class
A ‘blind photographer’ pursues art, justice and faith
Not even his second retirement can stop Jack
Crusade presents Cathar heresy to teens
Okanagan Outlook
Gleaners send food worldwide in Christ’s name
Young Life couple know their vocation
Kamloops seniors aid missions work worlds away
Cheers church is a little out of the norm
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