People watch as a car burns in Vancouver

Vancouver burns after Stanley Cup Final

Vancouver erupts in violence, rioting and flames after the Canucks lose the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

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OttawaWatch: More about Senator Meredith -- Some memories of OttawaWatch and BCCN and then some more about Senator Meredith.



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Christian's can dance tooEvangelicals can also play and laugh - Trinity Western University, an evangelical Christian university in Langley, B.C., is presenting the play 'The Foreigner' November 23-December 4. - Read More…

Christians can dance - Chantal Hunter has been named artistic director of Corps Bara Project Company. - Read More…

Confusing bill - The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and Canada Family Action (CFA) have spoken out against Bill C-389, a private member's bill introduced by Vancouver-area MP Bill Siksay, which would add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. - Read More…

Not free to follow that line of thinking - The Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) has notified Carleton Lifeline, Carleton University's pro-life student group, that the club will not be given club status or funding unless the group renounces its pro-life beliefs. - Read More…


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Joni James AldrichFacing the holiday music: Tips for grieving hearts READY or not, here they come. Whether you are ready to face them or not, the holidays are approaching, the same as any other year.

Small LambWho were those shepherds? — The birth of Jesus Christ has been written about, spoken of an even acted out ever since the day it occurred.

Jim CogginsPharisees and Teachers: Mark 1-3 — WHILE THE crowds ran after Jesus, almost from the beginning the Pharisees and teachers of the law opposed Him. Why?

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Shack's author stokes debate over the cross

Review: Teenagers more moral, less religious, says new survey

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Lessons in Haiti — Stephanie Forster is a determined woman. The head of Nehemiah Foundation recently traveled to Haiti to make a documentary.

Beauty queens with a cause — Three young Canadian women have some notable things in common: concern for social justice, success in beauty contests – and faith in Christ.

At play in Rwanda — Canadians give poor kids a cutting edge play park.

A reflection on The River — An innovative discipleship series for young people tackles the tough issues.

10 sure ways to avoid growing a youth ministry — Growth is overrated, and usually involves too much hard work and focus. It is far easier to lead with a minimalist strategy.


I’d like to thank…

It’s awards season on the movie beat, and that means it’s the time of year when, among other things, the people who win the little globes and statuettes take a look back at their lives and thank the people who helped them get to this point in their careers.

The closing of this newspaper may not be quite such a happy occasion, but it does give me a chance to look back at the last quarter-century and thank a few of the people who have made writing about film from a faith perspective so much fun.

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Over The Rhine: 20 years on, the conversation continues

For most musicians, playing comes down to a simple choice. If you’re motived; you play.

For Linford Detweiler, that was hardly the case.

Detweiler and his wife Karin Bergquist — along with a revolving cast of backup musicians — have recorded as Over the Rhine for over 20 years. Their newest effort, The Long Goodbyeis arguably the strongest album of their career. I spoke with him recently about a number of subjects, including his rather unique roots.

Also: Jars of Clay take Shelter in community


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Eric Bays: Indian Residential Schools - Another Picture (Baico, 2009) In recent years the Canadian public has heard much about the negative impact of Indian Residential Schools on the aboriginal peoples of this land. While acknowledging that some students were harmed by the schools, this book shows these institutions also had a positive side. Eric Bays was Bishop of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle in southern Saskatchewan before he retired.
Joe Boot: Searching for Truth (Crossway, 2002)
John Perry: Catholics and Slavery: A Compromising History (Novalis, 2008)
Sigmund Brouwer: Broken Angel (Waterbrook, 2008)

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