The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce

Pacific Theatre’s production of The Great Divorce is a creative and compelling rendition of C.S. Lewis’ unconventional meditation on heaven, hell and what may be in between. The plot follows a narrator, who represents Lewis himself, that journeys by bus from a middling layer of hell to the … [Read more...]

Roots: not your typical church drama

Roots members in front of the Olympic Couldron in Vancouver

"We wanted to collect the questions, stories and struggles we were receiving from young people and take them to the church," said Jenny Salisbury.Salisbury was director of a drama troupe composed of young people which toured Canada this summer. Roots Among The Rocks was presented more than 40 … [Read more...]

Badlands Passion Play draws thousands

D'Arcy Browning as Jesus

Although are mostly famous for their dinosaur fossils, the Canadian Badlands near Drumheller, Alberta, are now drawing thousands of people for another reason: the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, a large-scale retelling of the life of Christ that was recently voted Alberta's top cultural attraction … [Read more...]


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