You always have to have an enemy

Tim Stevenson

Twenty-five years ago this summer, in Victoria, the United Church of Canada General Council wrestled with the issue of the ordination of openly gay and lesbian people to the Christian ministry.The Council, the United Church's highest court, which meets every three years, passed the initiative, … [Read more...]

Scharf, Lee and Senate housing

Senator Mike Duffy

Diane Scharf, longtime senior Parliament Hill support staffer, behaved Christianly, on May 29, when she told Ottawa Citizen investigative reporter Glen McGregor that she might be partly to blame for erroneous expenses that triggered the current Senate residency “scandal.”The Scharf story is one … [Read more...]

Kofi Annan and the pluralists

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, best known for his 1997-2006 stint as secretary-general of the United Nations, was in Ottawa last Thursday, May 23, to talk about pluralism.I was interested in hearing him because Canadian Brian Stiller, global ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance, (headed by another … [Read more...]

Scoping the BC election

Lloyd Mackey

It was a late night in the Mackey household in Ottawa yesterday (May 14/15). Somehow, the folk in our home province couldn't schedule the British Columbia election results to suit their eastern Canadian ex-pats.But not to complain. The B. C. election results were arguably instructive to folk in … [Read more...]

Remembering Bev Shea

George Beverly Shea

George Beverly (Bev) Shea, who always prefaced Billy Grahams sermons with a simple gospel song, passed away last week at the age of 104.Shea, more than anyone on the Billy Graham team, had strong and continuing links to Ottawa and its environs. He was born in 1909 in Winchester, a 30 minute … [Read more...]

Some Seismic Shifts in Ottawa

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

As promised last week, I would like to use OttawaWatch, the next few weeks, to look at some ideas that might be radically conflict-resolving and that might take a few years or even decades to implement.This past weekend As a result of the political activities of the past weekend we have a new … [Read more...]

Wilberforce revisited – a conflict resolution study

William Wilberforce

The faith-political approach of British politician William Wilberforce –- who fought the British slave trade in the early 1800s -– might have a 21st century counterpart in Langley MP Mark Warawa.Vancouver Sun Ottawa reporter Peter O'Neil figured that out when he wrote a March 28 story which … [Read more...]

OttawaWatch: Somebody’s place in Ottawa

Canadian Parliament Buildings Ottawa

From my perch, here in Ottawa, one can catch a glimpse of something new emerging in the field of faith-political interfacing. Its working name is "My Place-Chez Moi."It may well be Ottawa's best-kept secret and not because its encouragers are trying to keep it under wraps. Rather, it is because … [Read more...]

Trinity Western University’s law school and the battle over free thinking

Trinity Western University

It is clear that the debate over Trinity Western University’s proposal for a law school is no longer a debate over homosexuality and religious freedom, but a debate over intellectual competency.Take the recent article in the National Post from legal scholars who oppose TWU’s proposal for a law … [Read more...]

Opposition to Trinity Western Law School because of anti-homosexual rules


As reported in the Vancouver Sun, the Council of Canadian Law Deans oppose Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposal for the country’s first religious law school because of the university’s long-standing requirement that faculty and students abstain from homosexual relationships.According to … [Read more...]


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