Iconic UBC building sale marks shift in theological, economics education


Earlier this year, the Vancouver School of Theology announced the sale of its Iona Building to UBC's Vancouver School of Economics.While the Vancouver School of Theology (VST) $28 million sale of the iconic Iona Building 'castle' to the University of British Columbia is significant news, VST … [Read more...]

Missions Fest shaped Dwayne Buhler — and he returned the favour


Since 2007, Dwayne Buhler has been executive director of Missions Fest Vancouver, the large and popular event that takes place each year 'under the sails' at the harbour-side Vancouver Convention Centre. Shortly after the end of this year's Missions Fest (January 24 – 26), he spoke with Canadian … [Read more...]

Martyn Brown cautiously lauds Atleo-Harper announcement

Martyn Brown

On Thursday, February 6, CanadianChristianity reporter Lloyd Mackey attended the annual Mel Smith Lecture at Trinity Western University. This year’s lecture was delivered by D. Martyn Brown, who was a long-time chief of staff and public policy advisor to former British Columbia premier Gordon … [Read more...]

Parliament must reform Canada’s prostitution laws


[Although this comment was written just before the Supreme Court's landmark prostitution decision today, it expresses well why Parliament must reform Canada's prostitution laws.]We’re now less than 24 hours before the Supreme Court of Canada is set to release its ruling in the Bedford … [Read more...]

Good news for proposed law school at Trinity Western University

Bob Kuhn, president of Trinity Western University

Trinity Western University (TWU) received not one but two pieces of good news this week, in its quest to develop a School of Law at the Langley campus.On Monday, December 16, the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) announced preliminary approval for the school, which the university … [Read more...]

Finally, some common sense on abortion


It’s been 50 years since Andy Williams recorded the Christmas hit, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And, as Canadians get set to key it up once again,they should know that they received an early Christmas gift last week — a healthy dose of common sense from one of our elected … [Read more...]

In Support of Our Friends and Colleagues at Trinity Western University

Studying in Trinity Western University Library

In recent weeks, Trinity Western University's (TWU) proposal for a law school has sparked much debate and discussion. The popular reaction from students, as reflected by tweets, status updates, and petitions, has generally been one of strong disapproval. However, often drowned out—but not absent—are … [Read more...]



Nobody likes to be called a 'hater'. Hate is such a loaded word. The dictionary defines it as 'intense dislike', 'extreme aversion' or 'hostility' towards someone or something. It's the antithesis of Christianity's core value - love. However, if you stand behind the traditional Biblical stance that … [Read more...]

“Silver Linings Playbook” Review


The Academy Award nominated feel-good romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook has gotten some extremely high praise and a significant amount of buzz. Starring Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) it has been nominated for a total of 8 Oscars. But is it worthy?The … [Read more...]

Trinity Western University’s law school and the battle over free thinking

Trinity Western University

It is clear that the debate over Trinity Western University’s proposal for a law school is no longer a debate over homosexuality and religious freedom, but a debate over intellectual competency.Take the recent article in the National Post from legal scholars who oppose TWU’s proposal for a law … [Read more...]


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