Pro-life display vandalized

Four young men who tore down a pro-life display at Northern Kentucky University in early April have been charged with criminal mischief. One of the suspects told a local newspaper, “Tearing it down was expressing our right to free speech.” On the other hand, campus police simply watched another … [Read more...]

Does Christian intellectual life exist below the radar in Canada?

In an excellent review of The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought for The National Post, Books & Culture contributing editor Preston Jones wonders why it has so few contributions from Canadian authors. "Canadians may be chagrined that the Companion has little to say of their country. Douglas … [Read more...]

Chretien chastises China for criminalizing spiritual beliefs

As reported in The Globe and Mail and The National Post, Prime Minister Jean Chretien scolded the Chinese government for suppressing religious freedom and warned that the country could lose foreign investment over its human-rights record, during his trip there this week. "True friends are never shy … [Read more...]

Bill Vander Zalm leaves provincial politics again

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm is taking a break from provincial politics again so he can open a "spiritual theme park" in Hawaii, reports Province columnist Michael Smyth. Just a few months ago, Vander Zalm led the way in creating the Unity Party, a proposed merger of the B.C. Reform and Family … [Read more...]

Orthodox bishop can seize church assets, says Ontario Court

"The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled on a rancorous church dispute in Ottawa, saying a Russian Orthodox bishop in Canada has every right to seize the assets of a dissident parish to prevent it from defecting," reports The National Post. "The court's ruling means the renegade parishioners -- about … [Read more...]

Offshore bank charged with fleecing evangelical investors

An offshore bank founded four years ago by an ex-preacher may have bilked North American evangelicals of over $200 million in a scandal that, according to Saturday Night magazine, is "shaping up to be one of the biggest and most bizarre scams ever to hit the secretive world of offshore investing." … [Read more...]


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