Trinity Western University’s law school and the battle over free thinking

Trinity Western University

It is clear that the debate over Trinity Western University’s proposal for a law school is no longer a debate over homosexuality and religious freedom, but a debate over intellectual competency.Take the recent article in the National Post from legal scholars who oppose TWU’s proposal for a law … [Read more...]

Rethinking Purgatory: C.S. Lewis on the controversial doctrine


Why C.S. Lewis believed in purgatory - and why Protestants need to think about it.C.S. Lewis may be best described as a “mere” Christian in search of a “mere” Christianity. In the preface to his appropriately titled book, Mere Christianity, Lewis describes himself as “a very ordinary layman of … [Read more...]

Opposition to Trinity Western Law School because of anti-homosexual rules


As reported in the Vancouver Sun, the Council of Canadian Law Deans oppose Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposal for the country’s first religious law school because of the university’s long-standing requirement that faculty and students abstain from homosexual relationships.According to … [Read more...]

Charitable status of Winnipeg Christian group revoked

An evangelical group based in Winnipeg has lost its charitable status after an audit revealed that its director misused donated funds in order to benefit himself and his family.According to the story filed by CBC News, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) found that Harold Reeve, director of the … [Read more...]

Measuring Religious Experiences

Image: Shutterstock

Religious experiences have long been mysterious events that only the mystics have understood. However, whether you are a mystic or not, how do you explain a religious experience? How do you account for life-altering religious conversions, near death experiences, or simply worship and prayer? And, … [Read more...]

Top Religion Stories of 2012

Sandy Hook Memorial

Despite popular conception, religion continues to remain relevant and does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. A look back at the big religious stories of 2012 makes it clear that many of the religious issues today will remain religious issues tomorrow. Religious news will change, no … [Read more...]

Study: Christianity Faces Extinction in Middle East

Middle East and Christianity

According to a new study by the British think tank Civitas, Christianity is in serious danger of becoming extinct in the Middle East.The study, entitled ‘Christianophobia,’ claims that half to two-thirds of Christians in the Middle East have left or have been killed over the past century. In … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Dogs

Therapy Dog2

Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend, but it seems they are also becoming man’s best therapist.Pets have been found to help individuals deal with stress and health related issues - studies have found that pets reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and depression while increasing endorphins … [Read more...]

Guns, Tragedies, and the Recovery of Common Sense

The Newtown Bee / Shannon Hicks

Tragedies don’t make sense. They are an assault on how we expect the world and our lives to unfold and they don’t make exceptions or play favourites.Take the most recent mass killing in Newtown Connecticut that left 28 people dead, 20 of them under the age of 7, as an example. This event is a … [Read more...]

Christianity and Creativity: Why Christians need to Make Stuff


(This article is made up of entirely a mixed collection of quotes on the creative process from the perspective of many of the artists who contributed to the recently released book, WeMakeStuff. WeMakeStuff seeks to explore how God made humans creative and desires to provide an open dialogue for … [Read more...]


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