A Gentle Answer has cosmic implications

Cover of The Mizan Ul Haqq, or, Blance of Truth by The Mizan Ul Haqq, or, Blance of Truth

In this age of instant bestsellers, it is difficult to comprehend the historical and cosmic scope of this book project. It is the next stage in a discussion that is measured, not in months or years, but in centuries. And the issues involved are as far-reaching as they are timeless.That is the … [Read more...]

Canada’s connection to 420 million

Lloyd Mackey on parliament hill

There was a Canadian in the mix, last week, as a string of Christian and political luminaries eventually persuaded Terry Jones, a Florida pastor, not to burn 200 copies of the Qur'an, on September 11.Geoff Tunnicliffe, the CEO and secretary-general of the 420 million strong World Evangelical … [Read more...]


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