Top Religion Stories of 2012

Sandy Hook Memorial

Despite popular conception, religion continues to remain relevant and does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. A look back at the big religious stories of 2012 makes it clear that many of the religious issues today will remain religious issues tomorrow. Religious news will change, no … [Read more...]

Muslim prayer time under fire at Toronto public school

A Muslim man engaged in Muslim prayer

By S.K. LawrenceValley Park Middle School in Toronto has become the subject of an ongoing controversy because of the school's accommodation of religion within their public institution. Reports have shown that 80-90 per cent of students attending Valley Middle Park are Muslim. That seems to be … [Read more...]

Religion in Quebec schools still a legal issue

Religion in schools and Ethics in Quebec

The Quebec government's Ethics & Religious Culture (ERC) course is a point of contention in two ongoing court cases - one involving a high school, and the other a family.Litigation about whether a Quebec private school can teach the ERC from a Catholic perspective recently entered a new … [Read more...]

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